Green Central Leadership Change

Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) recently announced a change in the principal leadership at Richard Green Central Park School. We believe that a new leader will further move the work forward and meet our commitments to all families at Green.  Ms. Catalina Salas has requested a leave of absence, but will continue to be employed by the school district and will be reassigned to another site for the 2013-2014 school year. MPS thanks Ms. Salas for her tireless work and commitment to the children, parents, families, and staff at Green Central. Karen Pedersen, former MPS Director of the Multilingual Department will be filling the principal role until a new principal is named. 

In the coming months, MPS will work to identify a principal that is fully bilingual in English and Spanish, bicultural, and experienced in working with diverse students and parents.  In order to ensure  that the new principal meets the school’s needs, students, parents and staff will be involved in the selection process. 

MPS remains dedicated to the instructional model that began at Green Central and will continue to focus on academic language learning for all students regardless of race, culture or economic circumstances; MPS will also continue the Developmental Dual Language model, which is in its first year of implementation. Based on lessons learned from this past year, student achievement data, teacher and parent information, some modifications will be made for the next school year (2013-2014).  The program will continue in kindergarten through third grade with one classroom per grade level. 

MPS understands that this transition is challenging for the Green Central community. We hope the community understands that MPS is limited by law in what we can say about this matter. Private personnel and student matters have been the subject media coverage. Although some reports are often filled with inaccuracies or half-truths, MPS is unable to discuss the matters.

Message to families

Principal Selection Update 6/21/13 - English, Spanish