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These education programs are provided for Green Central by a prior teacher whose qualifications are described below.

 My Bachelor's Degree in Education came from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois;
My Master's Degree in Special Education, from Northeastern in Chicago.

I have received tenure in school districts in Illinois, Oklahoma and Minnesota.  Arizona, and Illinois have certified me in the areas of Learning Disabilities, Emotional Behavior Disorders and Developmental Cognitive Disorders.

 While in Oklahoma I added a K-8TH Math Certification to my Special Ed credentials. In Minnesota I am licensed to teach Special Education. This will be my 10TH year with our district.

This is my second year at Green, but my third year at being green.  I'm even leasing an electric car.

At Roosevelt high, two years ago, I worked with recycling and started Aquaponics at our school.  Last year I was instrumental in beginning organic composting and the school's first DCD Green Club.  

MA Special Education

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IPad Checkout for Special Ed

IPad Checkout for Special Ed