If we move or change addresses during the school year, does my child need to switch schools?

If you move outside the Attendance are you can still stay at Green Central, however you will not receive transportation and will need to sign

Can my child receive transportation to a daycare address rather than our home address?

Yes, students can receive transportation to a daycare address that is within the school’s busing area. Transportation is not provided to addresses (home or daycare) located outside of a school’s attendance area.

Can I apply to a school outside of my attendance area? (outside the yellow attendance zone)

Yes, but students who live within that school’s attendance area will be placed first and you will not receive busing. You must sign a transportation waiver agreeing to transport your child to and from school on time every day.

What is an attendance area?

An Attendance area is the geographic area around a school in which students are eligible to receive bus transportation. If you live inside the Attendance area you qualify for a bus. If you live outside the Attendance area, you will not receive transportation.  If you choose to attend Green, you will need to sign a Waiver and provide your own transportation.

If you live in the Walk zone (colored red area) you will not receive busing. 

The Attendance area for Richard Green Central Community School is in between Lake St. and 42nd Ave S and between Highway 35W and the East side of Chicago Ave S.  The outer yellow square on the map marks the boundaries of the Attendance and Transportation area

Who is eligible to ride a school bus?

Generally, an elementary school student is eligible for transportation if the student lives within the school attendance area (link) and outside the school walk zone. Middle school students who live within a school’s attendance area will receive bus transportation if they live more than one mile from the school.  If your student receives special services you may be eligible for transportation outside of the attendance area.