Eighth Grade
document Google Earth World Tour   --  Download and Save this document to your own network folder so you can take notes on it electronically.
document How to make a powerpoint presentation about a career   --  View this powerpoint to find out how to create a good career presentation.
document Personality & Career Assessments   --  Open this document to click on the different links to find out how your personality might match a career!
Career Research

Many websites and tools to help you explore and research a variety of careers!


Click here to find a list of dictionaries you can use for different purposes.

Image Searching Websites

Search for royalty-free images that you do not have to cite! Enjoy!

Internet Safety

Teen Health: Find out more about cyberbullying and protecting your reputation. 

NEWS you can USE

A variety of different news sources for national and international news. 

Prezi Training

Links to the Prezi website and training videos.

Using the Library

Dewey Decimal Browse: See what websites are out there for your topic!

Web 2.0 Tools

A variety of Internet based tools for creating and organizing new information.