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Our Vision at Green Central is 

Creating tomorrow’s community leaders by engaging the hearts and minds of our diverse learners.

Green staff walking in the community Parents Reading Group. School Patrol Student of the Month Green staff walking in the community Walk to school day! Native American Dance. We are focusing on Literacy! Green Central Wildcat Headquarters Green staff walking in the community General Convention
No School- November 1st & 2nd

There will be no school for students Thursday, November 1st teacher's professional development day, and Friday, November 2nd record keeping day. See you on Monday, November 5th!

Pastries with the Principals

Wednesday, November 7th 8-9am. We will have Pastries with the Principals, this is a casual gathering that offers families the opportunity of meeting with Principal Mr. Arnold, the Assistant Principal Ms. DeSantiago, and the leadership team!

El miércoles 7 de noviembre 8-9 am tendremos pastelitos con los directores. Esta es una oportunidad casual para compartir con otras familias y conocer a los directores y al equipo de liderazgo.

Native AmericanHeritage Month/Mes de la Herencia Nativo Americana

We celebrate Native American Heritage Month fthe month of November. At Green, there will be an assembly to celebrate Native American Heritage as a community. It will be a whole school assembly held on November 8th at 1:30 pm 

Celebramos el mes de la Herenica Nativo Americana el mes de  noviembre . En Green habrá un evento para celebrar como comunidad. Este será el 8 de noviembre con una asamblea con toda la escuela a la 1:30..

Student of the Month Celebration

We will recognize Students monthly for their academics and when they show our valued pillars. In Septemb28 we will recognize students showing the value of "Passion". The monthly celebration is for students and family members. Our next celebration is Friday, November 30th at 2:00 pm.

Reconoceremos a los estudiantes mensualmente por sus logros académicos y a quienes muestren los pilares de nuestros valores. En septiembre reconoceremos estudiantes que muestren el valor de la "Pasión". Esta celebración mensual es para nuestros estudiantes y sus familias. Nuestra próxima celebración es el viernes 30 de noviembre a las 2:00 pm.

Get Involved
Family Involvement Plan 18-19

FIP 18-19

Families play an important role in the academic success of our students. We want to partner with all of our parents/guardians to help all our students in achieving their academic goals.

Las familias juegan un importante papel en el éxito académico de nuestros estudiantes. Queremos hacer equipo con los padres y guardianes para ayudar a nuestros estudiantes a lograr sus metas académicas.


Birthday Announcement!

This year, Green Central will recognize individual birthdays of all students. On the birthday or Monday if the birthday falls on the weekend, or half birthday if the birthday is on a school day.

  • The student will be sent down to the office with a birthday pass during the morning meeting
  • The student will choose an item that recognizes their birthday.

We will follow district guidelines to ensure:

  • we are recognizing all students equally,
  • we are following the wellness and birthday guidelines set forth by the district.

We are asking families not to bring in treats for the class or take time away from the academic day to celebrate within the school.

¡Anuncio sobre Cumpleaños!

Este año, Green Central reconocerá los cumpleaños individuales de todos los estudiantes. El día de su nacimiento, el lunes después del fin de semana o medio año para aquellos que no caen en un día escolar.

  • Cada estudiante será enviado a la oficina con un pase de cumpleaños durante la reunión de la mañana
  • Podrá elegir un artículo que reconozca su cumpleaños.

Este año, Green Central seguirá las normas del distrito.

  • para garantizar que reconozcamos a todos los estudiantes por igual,
  • seguimos las normas de bienestar y cumpleaños establecidas por el distrito.

Pedimos que las familias no traigan golosinas para la clase o gastar tiempo académico para celebrar dentro de la escuela.

Dual Language Program at Green

Vision - We will support our student's growth by creating welcoming classrooms that are Spanish and English language rich with high expectations.  


All students will:

  • Be at or above grade level

  • Develop high levels of Spanish and English proficiency aligned with Content Core Standards (CCS)

  • Demonstrate positive cross-cultural proficiency



Literacy incorporates more English using strategies from” Biliteracy from start” creating more cross language connections. We will incorporate more language connections in Science and Social Studies  

Math will use bridging strategies. Some units will be taught in Spanish and some in English to help students to make cross cultural connections.

Alignment within grade levels. Intentional alignment within grade levels and concepts

DDL 4-5 share one teacher to continue learning in Spanish.


Spanish literacy will be taught through Social Studies and Science content areas.

Reading & MN Fun Activities

Find out about some fun activities to keep you busy this year!