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Our Vision at Green Central is 

Creating tomorrow’s community leaders by engaging the hearts and minds of our diverse learners.

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At Green we are proud of the great job of all our students!

Family Night
Academic Families-Teachers-Teams

The second Academic Families/Teachers Team is Thursday, January 18th 5:30-7:30 PM

La segunda noche de Equipos Académicos de Familias y Maestros es el jueves 18 de enero

Student of the Month Celebration

We will recognize Students monthly for their academics and when they show our valued pillars. In October we will recognize students showing the value of "Forgiveness". The monthly celebration is for students and family members Wednesday, January 24th at 2:00 pm.

Reconoceremos a los estudiantes mensualmente for sus logros académicos y a quienes muestren los pilares de nuestros valores. En octubre reconoceremos estudiantes que muestren el valor del "Perdón". Esta celebración mensual es para estudiantes y sus familias el miércoles 24 de enero a las 2:00pm.

Perfect Attendance Celebration

We will recognize our students with Perfect Attendance in Second Quarter. Our next recognition is January 30th at 2:00 pm.  Families are welcome!

Reconoceremos a nuestros estudiantes con Asistncia Pefecta en el Segundo Cuarto. Nuestro próximo reconocimeinto es el 30 de enero a las 2:00. Las familias son bienvenidas.

Pastries with the Principals

Wednesday, February 7th 8-9am. We will have Pastries with the Principals, this is a casual gathering that offers families the opportunity of meeting with Principal Mr. Arnold, the Assistant Principal Ms. DeSantiago, and the leadership team!

El miércoles 7 de febrero 8-9 am tendremos pastelitos con los directores. Esta es una oportunidad casual para compartir con otras familias y conocer a los directores y al equipo de liderazgo.


How can Minneapolis Public Schools balance our budget? By focusing on what counts and joining with families and our Minneapolis community. Please join us in February for a community discussion about how we can move MPS forward. We’ll talk about why MPS is recommending changes for the 2018-19 school year, how they may affect our learning communities and what can be done to make any changes easier. Visit to learn more.

Get Involved
Family Involvement Plan

 FIP 2017-2018

Parents play an important role in the academic success of our students. We want to partner with all of our parents/guardians to help all our students in achieving their academic goals.

Los padres juegan un importante rol en el éxito académico de nuestros estudiantes. Queremos hacer equipo con los padres y guardianes para ayudar a nuestros estudiantes a lograr sus metas académicas.

Dual Language Program at Green

Vision - We will support our student's growth by creating welcoming classrooms that are Spanish and English language rich with high expectations.  


All students will:

  • Be at or above grade level

  • Develop high levels of Spanish and English proficiency aligned with Content Core Standards (CCS)

  • Demonstrate positive cross-cultural proficiency



Literacy incorporates more English using strategies from” Biliteracy from start” creating more cross language connections. We will incorporate more language connections in Science and Social Studies  

Math will use bridging strategies. Some units will be taught in Spanish and some in English to help students to make cross cultural connections.

Alignment within grade levels. Intentional alignment within grade levels and concepts

DDL 4-5 share one teacher to continue learning in Spanish.


Spanish literacy will be taught through Social Studies and Science content areas.

Reading & MN Fun Activities

Find out about some fun activities to keep you busy this year! 

Site Council

 Site Council is a group of Parents, teachers, & administrators that come together to voice opinions and assist the Leadership Team in making decisions. We’re looking for parents to attend 3 meetings this coming school year. Our first meeting will be happening in December.


• School Budget

• Academic Outcomes

• Family Engagement Planning

• Title One

• School Improvement Plan